Advertising, Jewellery, Fashion, Hair & Still Life Photographer in Bahrain

With an exceptional 12-year photography career, ARAMAN is the most prized beauty, fashion and hair photographer in Bahrain. He is now focusing his work and talent in the most luxurious cities in the Middle East, creating unique artwork that stimulates the senses and encourages viewers to embark on the wonderful journey of amazing lighting, vivid colors, and breathtaking details.

ARAMAN’s passion for design, beauty, and form, have been encouraged during his studies and helped him gain a new perspective about photography. He took his degree at the International Center of Photography and the renowned School of Visual Arts in New York. ARAMAN has also been trained in the past as a painter where he learned the basics of colors, lighting, and geometric harmony. His love for photography was encouraged by his teachers who recognized his creativity and potential to create real art through photography.

ARAMAN’s experiments with lighting and the color composition give life to his captures. Renowned art critics and photography magazines consider he revolutionized the photography industry and have described his captures as being elegant, poetic, alive and mysterious.

ARAMAN is now one of the most renowned beauty & fashion photographers in Bahrain. He has worked with countless renowned international brands, including L’Oréal Paris, Nike, Marie Claire, Vogue, JWT, Impact BBDO, Harper Bazaar, Swarovski, Leo-Burnett, Cartier, Emirates and Qatar Airlines, Herbal Essences, HSBC, and Egypt Tourism, for which he created an award-winning campaign that trended globally. ARAMAN was also received numerous awards, 12 of which can be showcased in his photography studio, aramanstudio.

As the best jewellery & still life photographer in Bahrain, ARAMAN is using his passion, know-how, and creativity to capture and create revolutionary photographs. Using lighting experiments and unique color compositions he is able to sweep everyone’s attention, both visually and emotionally, making the audience want more.

Work together with Bahrain’s best beauty, fashion, & advertising photographer and bring your imagination to life.