special-gallery EGYPT TOURISM
Toufic produced and shot a 40-day campaign for Egypt Tourism that went globally becoming the first international campaign to be shot by a Middle Eastern photographer. The 40-day shoot was consisted of hotel interiors, architecture, lifestyle, landscape and conceptual advertising work.

special-gallery QELA
Provoked by the still lifes of the Dutch masters in the 17th century, photographer Toufic Araman and stylist Marcel V. D. collaborate on a study of significant objects. Fine crafted purses and shoes from QELA are the main actors in these dramas, where the odd juxtapositions of Vermeer and Bosch animate a gathering of trinkets, each with its own back story; now congregating to tell a new story, in a desert, a salon, a handbag, a strange city by the sea…a fairy tale.

special-gallery ZAR
Zar is all about Egyptian healing ritual, it is one of the few ancient healing ceremonies performed by women for women. Combining the ritual with artistic and creative visuals.

special-gallery FASHION MELTS
“…an almost satirical rendering of fashion as a still life.
With the taste of an Andy Warhol comedic approach, and the detail and abstraction of a Salvador Dali surrealist masterpiece they have joined the world of beautiful clothing with the world of artistic intent…. The overall effect of this shoot is almost disarming….
Chevaun Roux for fashionizing.com