Egypt Jewellery, Fashion, Hair, Still Life & Lifestyle Photographer

The passion for design and the unique vision have made ARAMAN an award-winning fashion, beauty and hair photographer in Egypt. He is currently focusing on making the best photographs in the luxury of the Middle East and the fashion city of New York.

His past training as a painter helped ARAMAN become one of the best beauty & fashion photographers in Egypt. He knows that photography is more than just picture, and that is why, using his bold view, ARAMAN breathes life into his client’s concepts and ideas.

After studying rigorously at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts in New York, ARAMAN came back to the Middle East where he used his creative approach and attention to detail to make high-quality photographs and campaigns. He was described as a “masterpiece crafter” by Cairo Scene.

ARAMAN’s work is more than revelatory. His experiments with lighting have helped him develop a new style of beauty photography which incites the senses. As a still life & jewellery photographer in Egypt, ARAMAN makes photographs that feed the imagination and awake the feeling of wanting more. Distinguished photography critics have characterized his work as elegant, mysterious and alive.

As a beauty, hair, and advertising photography expert in Egypt, ARAMAN founded aramanstudio, a boutique photo agency that operates across the Middle East. Aramanstudio has a vast portfolio, working with renowned brands, such as Vogue, Marie Claire, JWT, Harper Bazaar, Cartier, Impact BBDO, Swarovski, HSBC, Nike, Qatar and Emirates Airlines, L’Oréal Paris, Herbal Essences, Egypt Tourism and much more. His studio has received 12 photography awards internationally, including Lucie and IPA awards.

Work with Egypt’s best beauty, fashion & advertising photographer and bring your idea to life using his exceptional approach.